TBK Capital specialises in sourcing funds for Business and Property projects.

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Welcome to TBK Capital } Specialists in connecting Private & Institutional funders with commercial opportunities.


About } TBK Capital

TBK Capital is a boutique merchant banking firm - established to connect private & institutional funders with Business and Property related projects. As a result, we are able to consult on and structure innovative funding options – through traditional sources and via private placement.

The benefit for the borrower is flexibility and choice. The benefit for the funder is the exposure to a multitude of commercial projects – either via debt funding or via equity placement. learn more?


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Business Funding

TBK Capital works with businesses to determine their need for funds and the application thereof.

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Property Funding

Traditional bank, non-bank and private lending, underwriting and equity and quasi-equity investment including shares, preference shares, convertible notes, and other forms of financial instruments

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The aim of this service is to work with clients and to develop strategies around raising equity and debt.

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TBK Capital was established to help people to obtain loans, raise money, acquire capital, and partner with others through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

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Featured Projects } Selection of our Projects

Debt Investment - Paying12% Interest
Description: Moola is New Zealand's market leader in digital lending. It's been in business since April 2013 and provides fast little loans online for people who need cash before their next payday.
Date: 26/1/2017 Click here for more information
Driedfresh - Capital Raise for Expansion
Description: Consumers are increasingly looking for high quality, healthy food products - such as New Zealand natural, organic, raw, paleo and medicinal - in different formats including dried powders and pieces.
Date: 26/1/2017 Click here for more information
Some Opportunities for 2017
Description: Having spent Christmas at home in Auckland - as it seems so did a surprising number of our friends – I’m pleased to say you don’t have to leave home to have a very enjoyable time during the Christmas and New Year break.
Date: 16/1/2017 Click here for more information
Gratia Social Travel App - New Capital Raise
Description: Gratia is a new Social Travel App which provides visitors, tourists and you with a new way to engage with friends, meet new people, and discover and share interests.
Date: 12/11/2016 Click here for more information
Manuka Bonds - 8% Return + Bonus Interest
Description: TBK Capital has been appointed as a sub-distributor of Manuka Bonds, a new high yielding investment with an interest rate of 8% per annum and the opportunity to share in some potential upside in the value of the underlying Manuka honey that is being used as security for the bonds.
Date: 15/9/2016 Click here for more information

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Immigration the Key to Growth

I’d been thinking about it for some time – just how long can these low interest rates go on for?

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Busy Year - Current Offers

I’m amazed how fast this year has gone and the surprises it has brought – I meant Donald Trump the next President of the United States! And John Key resigning as PM here! What next?

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Investing in Property and Fixed Interest

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks, with Donald Trump elected U.S. president, Leonard Cohen's death, and then earthquakes in the South Island. Not that I’m saying any of these are related.

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Baby Boomers, Interest Rates & Retirement

Interest rates are always a subject followed closely by borrowers and investors alike, so I thought it was about time I revisited this topic. In my January newsletter I noted that commentators at that time were concerned a rise in interest rates was fraught with risks, and that it was unlikely the world was going to quickly return to a high interest rate environment.

29/10/2016 - Read more →

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