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Pre-listing Offer

Wholesale Investor itself is a very successful company and I’ve already sent a couple of newsletters about the capital raise they are now undertaking for their own company. This includes an earlier Opportunities newsletter showing how you can participate in it.

Icehouse Technology Fund

TBK Capital has previously raised capital for Icehouse Ventures which is currently raising $30 million for their third flagship investment fund that supports early stage New Zealand technology companies.

Trans-Tasman Investment Opportunity

The Company has a highly regarded Board of Directors, including renowned Venture Investors (over 50+ technology companies) with listed company CEO experience. It also has an Advisory Board with deep knowledge, and expertise in Big Data, AI, Blockchain, and Investment Banking.

Sitesoft – Larger and to be Listed

Sitesoft is investment opportunity with the rare promise of a liquidity event for shareholders via a public stock exchange listing. This will be on the Australian ASX; a far larger public platform than the New Zealand equivalent.

International Urban Mass Transportation System

Metrino Global Projects Ltd (MPG) is a New Zealand company which owns the Intellectual Property and all rights to commercialise a unique modern form of urban mass transport with a global market.

SiteSoft – Pre-IPO Update

As a reader of my Opportunities newsletters you will have already received notice of an investment opportunity in SiteSoft Limited, a New Zealand business that’s been providing its customers a SaaS platform and app provider since 2017.

An Australasian Pre-IPO Offer

SiteSoft International Limited is an EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) business which has been providing its customers a New Zealand Cloud SaaS platform and app provider since 2017.

Late Stage Technology Fund

Icehouse Ventures’ began in 2003 with the formation of Ice Angels, a small group of passionate investors who saw the opportunity to band together and support Kiwi innovators to take on the world.

Pictor Offer - an update

Three weeks ago I wrote to the subscribers to my Newsletters who had shown interest in our Pictor Offer. In it I reminded them that the lockdown here shows us Covid19 is worldwide and has far from disappeared, even in New Zealand.

Pictor – International expansion

Last month we issued an Opportunities newsletter advising readers that demand for this investment has led to the Promoters making more shares in the business available to our readers.

Pictor Offer – new shares available

You may recall that the Pictor Offer, which was mentioned in my Opportunities Update newsletter last month, was heavily oversubscribed and the owners had decided to raise an additional $2,000,000 via a new share issue of ordinary shares priced at $1.25.

Invest in Affordable housing

Recent new initiatives from Government have made the opportunities for First Home Buyers to afford a house up to $700,000 even more attractive.

Essential Infrastructure Business

EPCM Limited is the result of an amalgamation of 4 separate New Zealand small companies that provide industrial electrical services to blue chip companies and government SOE’s such as Vector and Transpower. EPCM was deemed an essential business during Covid-19 lockdown.

Pictor - Market launch imminent

This Offer which we first presented on Boxing Day last year, and may have missed your attention, has had significant developments and is about to close.

Improving diagnosis of infectious diseases

Pictor’s diagnostic products address the need for improved diagnoses of infectious diseases, a global problem brought to everyone’s attention by Covid19. A threat, which by fortune of geography and prompt political and public health actions, New Zealand has managed to keep in check and, in a global sense, effectively avoid.

New share issue for expansion into China and beyond

TBK capital has been involved with the Waiuku-based company DryNZ Ltd for some years now, and has successfully raised capital for the company in the past. It is now seeking working capital to deliver a uniquely New Zealand-harvested and packaged product into the Chinese market; and for intentional expansion.

Simultaneous testing for multiple diseases

Pictor is a New Zealand biotechnology company which has developed a diagnostic platform that can be used for diagnosing multiple diseases, including COVID-19, from a single small blood sample. It will begin clinical trials of this patented diagnostic in USA, Europe and India in January

Essential Infrastructure Business

EPCM Limited is the result of an amalgamation of 4 separate commonly owned New Zealand companies that provide industrial electrical services to blue chip businesses, and government SOEs such as Vector and Transpower. EPCM was deemed an essential business during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Borrowing and Investment Opportunities

Having spent 4 weeks in hospital after a fall, and now already 2 weeks at home under lockdown, I’ve had plenty of time to read, and think, about a wide variety of topics including;

Luxury Home development – projected 40% return

Our client has an option to purchase a vacant elevated site atop a prized bay-side location known as ‘The Cliffs’ in Nelson. He is an experienced Property Investor and Developer, and intends to build a luxury home on the site for sale.

Property Investment

Those of you who read my last Newsletter – Investment in Property - may recall I said “Many years ago, when I was introduced to my first job in Investment Banking, I still remember the advice from the founder of the business saying “Property has been, is now, and always will be the best investment.”

High Growth Potential - IoT Industry

TBK Capital is excited to bring to the market a high growth innovative IoT company founded by an award-winning entrepreneur.

Established Funeral Business

Stonehaven Funerals & Memorials Limited operate a boutique funeral service business in Gisborne. The property holds a Resource Consent to operate a funeral home and crematorium and they now wish to build a new Funeral Home building.

Retirement villages – demand now proven

Readers of our newsletters will recall my passion for investment in the development of retirement villages, in which legislation provides shareholders tax free development profits and recurring annual incomes from the continuing resale of the Licenses to Occupy.

Interest rates and raising money

Recent discussions in the media show surprise that the Reserve Bank reduced the Official Cash Rate to 1%, a record low, and raise the question - how much further can this go? And what would be the implication of negative interest rates? Well I’m not going to go there!

Meeting the Demand for Affordable Housing

New Zealand faces a major housing shortage. There is a need to build more than one hundred thousand homes here over the next ten years. And more than half this demand is located within in the golden triangle of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

Manuka Oil plantation – early investor sought

As a subscriber to my Opportunities newsletters, you may have read the one I sent a few weeks ago about the opportunity to invest in a fully grown 800+ Ha Manuka plantation in Northland.

Retirement Village Development – Equity Offer - FULLY SUBSCRIBED AND NOW CLOSED

Further to our recent newsletter about this investment opportunity, I’m pleased to advise the promoter is now in discussion with a potential first mortgage funder to provide the debt finance for the development of the 250 unit retirement village in Paeroa.

Invest in the Business of Providing Retirement Income - FULLY SUBSCRIBED AND NOW CLOSED

After only 8 years, KiwiSaver - New Zealand’s semi-compulsory national retirement savings scheme - has been hugely successful with over 2 million members. Over the next 15 years over half a million people will be eligible to leave the scheme with accumulated savings of $36 billion.

Imersia - Pre Offshore Capital Raise - FULLY SUBSCRIBED AND NOW CLOSED

In last month's Opportunities Update we briefly summarised a number of exciting projects now under way and which are seeking capital.


Just before Christmas I sent you an Opportunities Newsletter describing Living Green, a value added export business seeking capital. Following is a reminder of what is involved with the business and an update on the offer – including the participation of the government owned New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF).

Retirement Village and Aged Care Offer - FULLY SUBSCRIBED AND NOW CLOSED

The ageing of the New Zealand population will see the number of over 65s double over the next decades, providing a significant market opportunity for the retirement village sector.


Freeflow Pipes presented at an Investor Showcase Luncheon in Auckland last month. The feedback from interested parties shows conviction the business will revolutionise the industry here and in Australia, but they have a preference for share ownership from day one rather than the current offer of convertible notes.

Revolutionary Textile for Health & Athletics - FULLY SUBSCRIBED AND NOW CLOSED

Early last year Footfalls & Heartbeats raised equity investment from the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund, Global from Day One Seed Investment Fund, and SparkBox Venture Group.

Property Management Rights - FULLY SUBCRIBED AND NOW CLOSED

Charta Income Fund Limited (CIFL) is in the business of managing a portfolio of over 800 residential properties predominately in greater Auckland. These include freestanding houses, townhouse complexes and multi-unit developments including high rise residential apartments and student accommodation.