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Manuka Oil plantation – early investor sought

As a subscriber to my Opportunities newsletters, you may have read the one I sent a few weeks ago about the opportunity to invest in a fully grown 800+ Ha Manuka plantation in Northland.

As a subscriber to my Opportunities newsletters, you may have read the one I sent a few weeks ago about the opportunity to invest in a fully grown 800+ Ha Manuka plantation in Northland.  

Our client has a lease on Crown land which contains the Manuka, and he owns the business that has the sole right to harvest the Manuka and produce Manuka Oil from it. The trees are not destroyed in the harvest, so this combined with the size of the orchard, means harvesting is a continuing operation year to year.

He has already commenced harvesting the Manuka and producing the Oil with only a few staff. The “quality” of the oil has been tested and other tests are now being undertaken by a potential distributor in Australia.

The Opportunity
In the meantime our client’s business requires a relatively small amount of capital to update the existing distilling equipment, and provide new equipment to streamline the harvesting and increase the production of the Oil.  

About $150,000 is all that’s required. A new company has been formed to hold the lease and operate the business, so the opportunity is for an investor to provide these initial funds and take stake in the business while the company is still young. Details to be agreed. The preference is for a single investor but all applications will be considered.

Active participation
An eventual requirement for the business will be for an executive to oversee and manage the entire operation from harvest through to domestic and international sales, including the appointment of sales agents.  The founder of the business does not want to take on this role.

Anticipating an obvious question an investor in this Offer might have with regard to any ongoing involvement with the business, our view is that any concern about the distance to Mangonui, the nearest town to the plantation, is probably a bit of a red herring. In this age of the Internet, and for this project in particular, a continuing presence on site is not a requirement.

The funds raised in this offer may well be a precursor to a larger capital raise to expand the business internationally. Preemptive rights to such an offer would be available to this investor.

Financial projections
Gross wholesale income from Manuka oil sales for the first year is budgeted at just under $1.5 million. The initial 10 year projections show income could be over $15 million by year 5, and double that by year 10. These are available on signing a confidentiality agreement.

Want to know more?
If you’d like to know more about this Offer, reply to this newsletter or email me at or call me on +64 21 902 901.

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