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New full Online Travel Agency – with Extras

Internationally Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have been facing an industry shake up against pressure selling, misleading discount claims, hidden charges and the size of commissions on sites they promote.

Internationally Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have been facing an industry shake up against pressure selling, misleading discount claims, hidden charges and the size of commissions on sites they promote.
bnbLIVE is a trademarked brand for a New Zealand owned and based Online Travel Agency that has a personalised Smart App. It provides information on specific places to visit and activities via their website/blog/info/forums/ and gives the viewer the ability to book travel and accommodation online.
The business is focused specifically on Free Independent Travellers (FITs) in the 24 - 64 age bracket travelling to New Zealand and Australia.
The Problems bnbLIVE addresses
As travellers become more sophisticated they demand more information than traditional OTAs are providing.  bnbLIVE’s research indicates FITs wish to visit more destinations and undertake more activities. These include real experiences off the traditional tourist locations, for example Gisborne in New Zealand and Bathurst in NSW Australia.
FITs are unable to easily find out in one place who has accurate up to date comprehensive information about New Zealand, and the information they need to decide where to go and where to book. bnbLIVE’s site will enable activities, rentals and travel bookings and also customised itineraries to be found on one site.
FITs are also looking for experiences “off the beaten track” away from traditional tourism spots and especially away from large groups of tourists. The current suite of OTAs and travel agencies are not able to provide a link between locations and the activities/rentals and accommodation providers there. 

How it works
bnbLIVE’s smart website/mobile app builds a personalised framework that not only helps travellers find good deals, but also allows them to discover destinations and activities they did not know existed, and may not have even realised the wanted to see or visit. This is a service not provided by other sites like, Expedia or similar sites for New Zealand and Australia.
It offers personalised services like viewers experience on Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, as it records what they searched for last time and from these builds profiles of the users and their interests.
Other features include Travelpoints, which is like Airpoints, and credits part of their travel/accommodation spend to the user’s account - which they can use to buy travel in the future. It also adds a bonus for referrals made.
The upcoming bnbLIVE Travel Club allows users to save towards trips and holidays or spread payments over up to 11 months in advance.
Target Markets – Australia and New Zealand
FITs represent 89% of all future travellers to New Zealand and Australia. And research shows 24-64 year old professionals do not like traditional package tours.
bnbLIVE will provide information on specific places to visit and activities given via its blog/info/ forums/and reviews. Main source will be upcoming sites and, which will give travellers more information than the traditional OTAs are providing.
Their research has indicated that FITs wish to visit more Kiwi/Aussie destinations and activities. Real Kiwi/Aussie Experiences like Gisborne in NZ and Waga Waga in NSW - rather than the traditional tourist locations.
Capital Raising and Use of Funds
bnbLIVE Holdings Limited is the holding company owning the entire business. It has an impressive list of directors and advisors.
The initial Phase One funding, from family and friends, was recently completed. This current Offer is the Phase Two round which will fund expansion of the business, including operational costs and further development of the websites and smart mobile apps.
The Company is raising capital by the issue of ordinary shares of up to $1 million to fund this growth, build key components, and to cover the marketing and operational costs to prove and establish the model.
The intention is to raise a further $2 million in early 2020 and a further $2 million in early 2021 to take bnbLIVE Holdings Limited public on the ASX within 5 years. A full description of this Offer and the use of funds raised is given in the IM.
One of the objectives would be to become such a thorn in the side of foreign owned Online Travel Agencies that they make a substantial takeover offer. For example, Expedia paid AUD$700 million for WOTIF in 2014.
Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about this Offer, and a copy of the IM, reply to this newsletter or email me at or call me on +64 21 902 901.

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