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Pictor’s new product launch - here and in U.S.

Readers of my newsletters may recall the very successful Pictor Offer that was completed last year.

Readers of my newsletters may recall the very successful Pictor Offer that was completed last year.

Following new investment of over $9 million – from the above and from former Morrison & Co CEO Marko Bogoievski, and specialist growth investor K One W One Limited – Pictor is now announcing a $5 million extension tor that round.

This will enable Pictor to continue to accelerate its R&D and Commercial efforts, and to successfully launch 3 more diagnostic products over the next 6 months.

The proceeds from this Offer have been allocated to the development of 4 new products about to be released. This was announced in the media last week and they include the COVID antibody test in New Zealand with Rako Science and APHG.

The test is now set to launch in the U.S. this week with two U.S. companies – Mobility Health and Integrity Laboratories.

The problem

The understanding of livestock diseases has improved over time, but unfortunately the way in which they can be detected has not.
Current tests still rely upon using one marker of a disease for detection, which often can only identify infected animals with late-stage disease. Mycoplasma Bovis and Johne's Disease are examples of two diseases that have a substantial impact on productivity in Livestock.
However the control of these diseases is hampered by diagnostic tests that have poor sensitivity.

Early detection the solution

Pictor has developed an innovative approach to Animal Health disease detection where multiple markers of disease are used in a single test to identify infections much earlier than existing tests.
They now have two early detection tests for Mycoplasma Bovis and Johne's Disease which on track for launch by Q2, 2023. The launch of both will initially be here and in Australia. with the Company targeting launches in select Global markets by Q4, 2023.
The Company has also developed novel diagnostic tests that allow up to 9 diseases or biomarkers to be detected from one sample. This high-efficacy diagnostic multiplexed platform can identify infectious and complex diseases for human and animal health.
The timing
After more the five years of R&D, Pictor has developed a deep commercial pipeline of use cases for their patented multiplexed diagnostics platform and is now close to achieving commercial milestones in several human and animal health products within the next 6 to 12 months.

Upon achieving these milestones, Pictor will accelerate the commercialisation of further animal and human health products they already have in the pipeline and be able to bring forward R&D on future products and applications.
Want to know more?
An Information Memorandum, an investor slide deck, and a subscription agreement are all available for intending investors.
So if you’re interested in investing, or would like more information, reply to this email, or give me a call on +64 21 902 901.

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