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Capital Raising Opportunity- Tectonus Limited Capital Raise

May 19, 2024 | News, Projects, TBK, WGC

Wholesale Growth Capital are thrilled to introduce Tectonus Limited (Tectonus), another New Zealand born, investment opportunity that embodies innovation, resilience, and sustainability. It is with great pleasure that we share this opportunity with you, knowing the potential it holds to make a significant impact in both the local and global landscape: Tectonus.

Pacific Channel, New Zealand’s first, most active and largest deep-tech venture capital firm is leading this $3m raise and committing $1.25m that will propel Tectonus to a break even status. The remaining funds will be used to convert a substantial pipeline of orders, further solidifying Tectonus’s position in the market. To date, a total of $1.9m has been secured, leaving $1.1m available for investment so don’t delay on this one. This opportunity comes at a pre-money valuation of $9.5m.

The solution: Tectonus technology minimises structural, economic, and environmental damage in the aftermath of an earthquake. Tectonus has created patented, proprietary seismic devices that are both energy-damping and self-centering. Unlike traditional strengthening, structures with Tectonus technology can rock and resettle back to their original position. This allows the building and its occupants to recover quickly after an earthquake.

Sales: Tectonus generated $2.2m of revenue in FY23. It has delivered 25+ projects since 2018, with over 1,000 devices installed. They have a $52m project pipeline and are targeting $8m revenue and initial profitability in FY26 with a focus on commercial retrofits and important buildings such as hospitals, government, emergency services, public buildings, and institutions across NZ and North America. They have a growing patent portfolio in 8 countries.

To see Tectonus technology in action, check out these videos:


Tectonus has a primary and secondary share offering as follows:

  • Primary offer – Pacific Channel, New Zealand’s first, most active and largest deep-tech venture capital firm – are leading a $3M raise and committing $1.25M that will enable the business to break even. Investors have the opportunity to invest on the same terms. Share price is $1.46 with a minimum investment of $100,000.
  • Secondary offer – An existing shareholder is wishing to sell shares in the company. There are 136,862 ordinary shares at $1.28 per share representing a 10% discount to the current primary offer led by Pacific Channel, with a minimum investment of $50,000.
  • Minimum Investment via Nominee Company – Investors wishing commit less than the minimum requirement may be required to collectively invest through a nominee company so that together they reach the minimum investment amount.  If your investment is through a nominee company, you will still be able to view and manage your investment on the Catalist platform.  The terms on which your investment will be held for you are explained in Catalist’s Deed Poll document available here.”

Next Steps

Wholesale Growth Capital is now partnered with Catalist, New Zealand’s only licensed and regulated stock exchange designed for growth businesses. For more information and access to this investment directly via Catalist’s investment platform, please click here to register and view the Tectonus offer. Please note, if you are not already a registered member of Catalist, you will be asked to complete some initial one time checks and privacy terms before being able to view the deal room, this is for the protection of the client.

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