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Business Funding

WGC & TBK Capital specialises in sourcing funds for Business and Property projects both globally and locally.

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Business Funding

Business funding can comprise of traditional bank, non-bank and private lending, underwriting and equity and quasi-equity investment including shares, preference shares, convertible notes, and other forms of financial instruments. Or, it could be a structured combination of these.

WGC & TBK Capital works with businesses to determine their need for funds and the application thereof. Based on this analysis, a structured proposal will be developed in conjunction with applicants to source the most appropriate funding for their needs. Applications of business funding include:

  • Recapitalisation;
  • Balance Sheet Financing;
  • Business Expansion;
  • Working Capital Funding;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • New Product Development;
  • Retirement of Debt;
  • Pre IPO Consolidation and Business Growth;
  • Plant and Equipment Financing;
  • Trade Finance Facilities;
  • Stock and Debtor Financing;

WGC & TBK Capital has an extensive network of institutional and private funders. Through this network, we are able to access a large variety of funding options. If you would like to find out more about Business Funding, please contact us.