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WGC & TBK Capital specialises in sourcing funds for Business and Property projects.

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WGC & TBK Capital was established to help people to obtain loans, raise money, acquire capital, and partner with others through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. Out of these activities come the opportunities for qualified individuals seeking investment in income earning assets, growth industries and new technology.

In many cases, this will result in taking an existing or potential equity position in a business or property. With this may come a position on the board of directors. The investor’s involvement may be active or passive.

The opportunities presented by WGC & TBK Capital are generally structured to appeal to a single investor (or a single group of investors). As these are commercial opportunities, any prospective investors will be required to conduct their own due diligence to evaluate the project.

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a private funder, please contact us.

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Private Investment Opportunities

WGC & TBK does not make offers of financial products under circumstances where WGC & TBK would be required to issue a Personal Disclosure Statement (PDS). Complying with these provisions of the Act requires WGC & TBK to limit its offering of (not to the general public) public disclosures to wholesale investors or close business associates of the Issuer.

Included within the category of wholesale investors are:

  • a) Persons carrying on an investment business;
  • b) Persons who meet investment activity criteria;
  • c) Large persons; and
  • d) Eligible investors.

Investment Business

A person carrying on an investment business is one whose principal business consists of investing in financial products, underwriting, or providing a financial advisor or broking service.

Investment Activity

A person (A) meets the applicable investment activity criteria if at least 1 of the following paragraphs applies:

  • a) A owns, or at any time during the 2 year period before the relevant time has owned, a portfolio of specified financial products of a value of at least $1m (in aggregate);
  • b) A has, during the 2 year period before the relevant time, carried out one or more transactions to acquire specified financial products where the amount payable under those transactions (in aggregate) is at least $1m and the other parties to the transactions are not associated persons of A;
  • c) A is an individual who has, within the last 10 years before the relevant time, been employed or engaged in an investment business and has, for at least 2 years during that 10 year period, participated to a material extent in the investment decisions made by the investment business.

Large Persons

A person is large if at least 1 of the following paragraphs applies:

  • a) as at the last day of each of the 2 most recently completed financial years of the person before the relevant time, the net assets of the person and the entities controlled by the person exceeded $5 million:
  • b) in each of the 2 most recently completed financial years of the person before the relevant time, the total consolidated turnover of the person and the entities controlled by the person exceeded $5 million.”

Eligible Investors

A person (A) is an eligible investor, in relation to a relevant transaction or class of relevant transactions, if—

  • 1) A certifies in writing, before the relevant time,—
    • a) as to the specified matters detailed below; and
    • b) that A understands the consequences of certifying himself, herself, or itself to be an eligible investor; and
  • 2) A states in the certificate the grounds for this certification; and
  • 3) an authorised financial adviser, a chartered accountant, or a lawyer signs a written confirmation of the certification meeting the requirements below.

The matters which a person must certify in order to qualify as an eligible investor are that the person has previous experience in acquiring or disposing of financial products that allows the person to assess:

  • a) The merits of the transaction or class of transactions (including assessing the value and the risks of the financial products involved); and
  • b) The person’s own information needs in relation to the transaction; and
  • c) The adequacy of the information provided by any person involved in the transaction.

The requirements that an authorised financial adviser, chartered accountant or lawyer must meet in giving his or her certificate are that he or she:

  • a) Is satisfied that the offeree has been sufficiently advised of the consequences of the certification that the offeree is making;
  • b) Has no reason to believe that the certification is incorrect or that further information or investigation is required as to whether or not the certification is correct.

Required documentation in terms of these exemptions, where applicable, will need to be in place and current at the time an offer is subscribed. Subscriptions will only be made to persons who fall within one or other of these exemptions.

Our Services

Financial Service Providers Act

WGC & TBK Capital Ltd is a registered Financial Services Provider under the Financial Service Providers Act 2008 of New Zealand and participates in the dispute resolution scheme enacted under that statute.

If private placement investment opportunities are of particular interest, people can join WGC & TBK Capital’s list of qualified investors either by registering here or by phoning.