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WGC Capital specialises in sourcing funds for Business and Property projects locally and globally.

Wholesale Growth Capital

Strategic Partnership Overview

TBK Capital is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Wholesale Growth Capital Limited (WGC), a collaboration designed to elevate the landscape of capital access and markets for New Zealand growth enterprises. Together, we are committed to providing businesses with our unparalleled access opportunities to secure investor capital, both on a local and international scale.

WGC is committed to New Zealand’s economic growth on the world stage, by supporting finance and market development of high growth innovation, so that it stays here, majority owned by kiwis, thus creating and supporting multi-$trillion economic and job growth opportunities for all.

Wholesale Growth Capital

Key Elements Of Our Partnership

Expanded Capital Access
Through our strategic alliance, TBK Capital and Wholesale Growth Capital are maximising the avenues available to New Zealand companies by increasing access to more diverse sources of investor capital.
Global Reach
Leveraging the extensive networks and expertise of TBK Capital and Wholesale Investor, our partnership opens doors for New Zealand businesses to connect with a broader spectrum of investors globally, amplifying opportunities for growth and success.
Cutting-edge Solutions

Our collaboration introduces innovative solutions, incorporates advanced AI/ML technologies, and includes access to the Wholesale Investor CRIISP platform. These tools are designed to streamline and simplify the capital-raising process for businesses of all sizes.

Combined Experience

With a shared wealth of experience and a proven track record in connecting businesses with investors, TBK Capital and Wholesale Growth Capital brings a depth of knowledge to empower New Zealand companies to achieve their financial goals.

As partners, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses secure capital, fostering growth, and contributing to the success of ventures and innovation across New Zealand. Our strategic partnership aligns with our commitment to deliver comprehensive, tested financial solutions and processes that will change the way you think about raising capital.

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Wholesale Growth Capital

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Wholesale Growth Capital

Financial Service Providers Act

TBK Capital Ltd is a registered Financial Services Provider under the Financial Service Providers Act 2008 of New Zealand and participates in the dispute resolution scheme enacted under that statute.

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Wholesale Growth Capital

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