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Natural Plant Based Medicines

May 11, 2023 | TBK

Medical Kiwi Limited is an early-stage company with a global view on the bright future emerging for the plant-derived treatments of disease and disease symptoms, including pain.

Medical Kiwi Limited is an early-stage company with a global view on the bright future emerging for the plant-derived treatments of disease and disease symptoms, including pain.

It has a comprehensive business development strategy, based initially on the cultivation in New Zealand of high-grade cannabis products, for supply to biopharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe and elsewhere. Its activities and markets are subject to strict regulatory supervision in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide. Long term, it will seek to develop and market its own proprietary products and biopharmaceutical ingredients.

Meanwhile it’s now working with leading researchers in biochemistry and skincare product development, and with experts in cannabis cultivation, processing, and supply.

The Company

Medical Kiwi is one of the first New Zealand companies licensed to cultivate, possess for manufacture, and supply medicinal cannabis after it was legalised in 2019. The Company has three lines of business:

  • It has a substantial multi-year sales agreement with a cannabis products wholesaler and distributor in Germany. It also plans to start production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil during 2023, and ultimately to develop, produce and market dosage medicines.

  • Medical Kiwi also has an operating subsidiary, Hardie Health Limited, which was established to examine how a range of it products may be created. It has attained the first stage of international patent protection on one compound with potentially significant healing properties.

  • The third business line is The Pain Clinic, which provides online and physical walk-in medical consultations, and prescription delivery services, for people in their homes and their local communities.

Its strategy is expected to deliver several areas of growth in revenues as it proceeds with export sales of medicinal cannabis products, Hardie Health launches its pharmaceutical products, and The Pain Clinic builds a retail customer base for its online and walk-in medical consultancy and prescription delivery services.

Meanwhile the Company has accumulated the licences, technology, expertise, and business relationships required. It has a viable model for integrating cannabis and pharmaceutical products with the provision of primary healthcare in New Zealand, Australia and the millions of people who seek plant-based treatments or pain and many serious illnesses.

Hardie Health’s branded-range of products will be extended based on further research and the development of several novel bio-active compounds. Also the development and marketing of medicines that incorporate compounds and elements of medicinal cannabis.

The Offer

Conceived in 2018, Medical Kiwi has already raised $10 million. This includes the acquisition of Hardie Health, $5 million when it opened its first pain clinic in Christchurch, and a further $1,700,000 privately this year to date.

It is now making an Offer of new ordinary shares to raise a further $2,000,000. These shares will rank equally with the existing ordinary shares in the Company. The proceeds will be applied to the sale and marketing of its medicinal cannabis and nutraceutical products in Australia and Europe, and the development of a joint venture in Fiji where a cultivation and extraction facility will be established.

Following this Offer’s completion Medical Kiwi intends to apply to the Australian stock exchange for listing on the ASX.

For further information and a copy of the Information Memorandum reply to this email or call me on 021 902 901.

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